Contact Lenses

  1. We offer  a FREE contact lens consultation.
  2. You will see the Optometrist and he will go over the options and discuss with you what the best lenses would be for you.
  3. If in stock, we will let you try them that day for 20-30 mins (don’t worry, we will put them in your eyes and take them out).
  4. If you like them, and we think they suit you, we will get you back a few days later to teach you how to put them in yourself (usually 30-45min appointment).
  5. If that goes well, we then let you try them at home and book you in for a one week check up.
  6. If it’s going well and you we are happy with the check up, well, we give you the thumbs up and let you start enjoying them. We usually get you back regularly to make sure your eyes stay healthy with them.

Becoming a Direct Debit Member

By paying through a monthly direct debit, you will find a much more convenient way of getting contact lenses regularly.  You get:
  • A consistent supply of contact lenses (and solution if required)- regardless of the type of lens you choose.
  • Aftercare Service- a FREE (normally £25) regular check up. This service can be used even when you are not due but are having problems or just want a chat about your eyes.
  • A great 20% discount you can use to buy any glasses you like.
  • FREE replacements- We know occasionally lenses tear, which is why we also provide replacement lenses for daily, fortnightly, and monthly disposable lenses for those annoying times accidents happen.
  • FREE trials of the latest lenses out- If something better is out we think you might like to try, we’ll let you have a few pairs to try

How the Scheme works

On joining the Direct Debit Scheme, you pay the cost of your initial 3 months supply, and we will get you your first 3 months lenses. For cancellation we ask for a 3 months notice.

What Contact Lenses Do We Use?

We use a wide variety of lenses from manufacturers including:
  • Ciba Vision
  • Coopervision
  • Bauch and Lomb
Other manufacturers we use include Johnson & Johnson and Ultravision. As an  independent practice, we are able to order non-common lenses from other suppliers not mentioned above. If you wish to know more, call us on 013 8972 0700 and we will be happy to help. Contact Lenses are usually a separate appointment,

So What Lenses are Out There?

95% of lenses we fit are soft disposable lenses, very comfortable to put in and keep in. About 5% of the time we use Rigid Gas Permeable Lenses if this route feels more comfortable. We’ve grouped them based on the question asked:
  • How often do I want to wear it for?
Daily Disposables: By far the most popular type, get a box of 30 pairs, use them when you want to, no hassle of cleaning or care Monthly Disposable: Better suited to those who want to wear contact lenses most of the week, 2 minutes cleaning in the morning and 2 minutes in the evening keeps them good for the month, ready for your next set. Comes in 3 month packs Extended Wear: If you are the kind of person who needs to wake up in strange places (camping and the like), extended wear lenses help you. These lenses stay on your eye for up to 28 days Yearly: RGP lenses work best for this modality. Good for complex prescription or for those who like a lens that lasts
  • What do I need lenses for?
Astigmatic/Toric Lenses: If you need clear vision and have astigmatism, these lenses are great to have clear vision Multifocal Lenses: For those who need glasses to read, bifocals, or varifocals. These lenses help to see far and close

What’s Involved/How Can We Make it Happen?

Firstly, you make a choice, you would like to try contact lenses and see the difference. Here’s how we help in 6 easy steps: and you may need a fitting appointment or an aftercare appointment. Let us know what you are looking for and we can advise you what we need to do to help reduce your dependence on spectacles.