Frames & Lenses

We want to help you look and feel amazing. We will guide you through the different frame styles available and help you avoid the pitfalls of choosing the wrong style for your face. Instead, frames that line up with your thoughts and ideas will help us find the right fit for you. With over 500 frames in practice, we’re sure we will find the style (or styles) that match your personality!


Let’s get the first thing out of the way, you can choose single vision lenses, bifocals or varifocals. We’ve been known to recommend trifocals too!

Next, you can choose what to have included on the lens. Options include:

  • Photochromic lenses (those lenses that go darker in the sun and clear indoors).
  • Scratch Resistant coating- reduces the scratches lenses endure through everyday wear.
  • Anti-glare coating- Reduces glare effects from oncoming car lights as well as that glare that tires you out from computer screens.
  • Tints- This makes glasses effectively like sunglasses you can see through includes 6 different colours of 4 different shades as well as gradient tints (darker tint at top, lighter at the bottom).
  • UV protection- We include this as part of tinted and all lenses that go dark.
  • Polarised lenses- Looks like tinted lenses, these sister lenses are really good for cutting glare, no fisherman leaves home without this!
  • Digital lenses- Especially useful if you have a high prescription, it helps to reduce the peripheral blur that standard lenses sometimes give.
  • Thin and ultra-thin lenses- If you feel you have a strong prescription and want to feel more comfortable with the appearance of your lenses, ask about this option.
  • Anti Fatigue lenses- If you are under 40 and feel reading for a prolonged period tires your eyes more than you like, ask about our anti fatigue lenses.
  • Reglaze- If you like your current frames and don’t want to part with them just yet, we can put new lenses into it. It’s at your own risk and sometimes you might need to be without them for a few days if they have to go to our laboratory.